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Old Photographs - Cambridgeshire Photographers - Ta - Te

Photographers are listed alphabetically by surname on the following pages.

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Name:  TALBOT, Stanley Frank   b:1886 Stoke Newington       d:1972
Address: Market Lane, Linton
Working Dates: c.1903 - 1904
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: A single entry in the 1904 trade directory lists Stanley Frank Talbot as a photographer in Linton, but no trace can be found of him in the 1901 or 1911 census returns for that village. In fact in 1901 and in 1911 Stanley was living with his family at 91 High Street, Hastings, Sussex. In 1901 Stanley was living there with his father Frank Talbot b:1850 Twidale Staffordshire, a Secretary to a public company and his mother, Matilda, Née Freshwater, b: 1855 Hackney. In 1911 Stanley was living with his mother Matilda, then described as being of independent means, and his younger sister, Irene, b:1888 Stoke Newington, a professor of music (which might have simply meant a private music tutor). In the 1901 census return Stanley was a scholar, in 1911 he was described as an "advertisement consultant". It does seem that the family were in Linton between the 1901 and 1911 census dates as Stanley's father, Frank, had died in Linton in Q3 1905, and Stanley's maternal grandmother, Matilda Freshwater, also died in Linton in Q2 1905. After 1911 it appears that Stanley married Winifred Grace Wilshin at Hastings on 24 September 1913 and when he joined the Royal Army Medical Corps in November 1917 he gave his address as 104 Petherton Road, Highbuty London N5 and his occupation as a printer. He suffered from a number of minor medical conditions and was classified as B2 fitness. He was made a Lance Corporal in the Royal Army Medical Corps and served at Crystal Palace. He was discharged from the army in February 1919. In the 1921 Census Stanley was a manager with a firm of fire protection engineers in London, and was living with his wife at 821 London Road, Westcliffe on Sea, Essex.

Stanley clearly was a skilled photographer as the postcard below of a Royal visit to the Senate House on 1st March 1904 demonstrates. The card was postally used in April 1904. The photographer's stamp top left on reverse is a 15mm diameter rubber stamp "S.F.Talbot photographer Linton Cambs". Stanley produced postcards of views of villages around the Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Essex borders, including Bartlow, Whittlesford and Linton. See below an example from the author's collection of a view of Grantchester Church, printed on matt card, postally used in 1927. On reverse is printed ""Country View" series No 451 S.F.Talbot, Linton Cambs". Beneath is another example postcard portraying what was thought to be an unknown house, presumably from a South Cambridge Village and of similar vintage to the 1904 example above. Stanley registered just one of his photographs at Stationers' Hall for copyright purposes. This was a photograph of the spot where the remains of Miss Holland were buried at Moat House Farm, Clavering, Essex, Copyright owner of work: Stanley Frank Talbot, Linton, Cambridgeshire. Copyright author of work: Stanley Frank Talbot, Linton, Cambridgeshire. Form completed: 2 May 1903. TNA COPY 1/461/45. Miss Holland was murdered by Samuel Herbert Dougal at Moat House Farm in 1903 http://murderpedia.org/male.D/d/dougal-samuel-herbert.htm and presumably Stanley sold this photograph to a newspaper. A second look at the postcard of an unknown house below shows that it is in fact a post card depicting Moat House Farm, the scene of this famous Essex murder from 1903 - a strange choice of subject for a postcard, but one which perhaps shows Stanley Talbot in a more entrepreneurial light than some of his contemporaries.
References: Mike Petty, The Photographers, (a handlist of local photographers), Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Collection, 1992
Kellys Directory of Cambridgeshire 1904
There is a cabinet photograph by Talbot in the carte de visite collection c.65.5 of the Cambridgeshire Collection
Michael Rouse, The Villages of Old Cambridgeshire A portrait in Photographs and Old Picture Postcards, SB Publications 1989, page 42 has a post card by Talbot of the Post Office Linton. S.F.Talbot, Linton is included in a "Directory of Cambridgeshire Postcard Publishers/photographers noted before 1914" by Michael Rouse in "Cambridge in Early Postcards", Oleander Press 1978.

Postcard by Talbot of 1904 Royal Visit to Cambridge

Reverse of card of Royal Visit 1904

Postcard view of Grantchester Church by SF Talbot

Reverse of Talbot card

Talbot postcard, view of unknown house

Reverse of Talbot card with photographer's backstamp

RP Post card by Stanley Talbot of Moat House Farm, a famous murder scene from 1903

Name: TALLOP, Ernest b: 1905 Norwich d:
Address: 58 Fitzroy Street, Cambridge
Working Dates: c.1921
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: In the 1921 census Ernest was lodging at 58 Fitzroy Street, Cambridge. He was a photographer working for Kidd and Baker at 5 St Mary's Passage, Cambridge.
References: 1921 Census

Name:    T AND M STUDIO  b:       d:
Address: 101 High Street, Somersham
Working Dates:  c.1990
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: weddings, portraits
References: Cambridge Yellow Pages 1990, Peterborough Yellow Pages 1990

Name:  TAMS, Alan   b:  1867 Cambridge  d:1956
Address: 83 Alpha Road, Cambridge
Working Dates: c.1910
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: The brother of William Tams below. In the 1911 census he was shown as a compositor, living at 83 Alpha Road Chesterton with his wife and three children, the year before he was listed in the local trade directory as a photographer at the same address. By the time of the 1921 Census, Alan and his family were living at Southampton and Alan was a compositor with the Southampton Times Ltd.
References: Cambridge Annual Directory, AP Dixon, 1910, England Census 1921 and 1911.

Name:  TAMS, William  b: 19 June 1868 Cambridge  d: 1952
Address: 19 Humberstone Road, Cambridge
Working Dates: 1907 - 1939
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: William was the former butler to Master of St Johns College, when he later became a professional photographer. In 1891 William was living with his wife at 24 Albert St Cambridge and was shown as a college servant. By 1901 he was living with his wife and 3 children (Willie Horace Thomas, Frank Harry and Arthur) at 18 Priory Street Chesterton and was a butler. In 1911 he is shown at 19 Humberstone Road Cambridge living with his sister in law and two of his children. He was listed as a photographer working on his own account from his home address. In 1921 William and his wife were living at 19 Humberstone Road Cambridge. He described his occupation as a "scientific photographer" working on his own account from home. Presumably the "scientific" epithet refers to doing scientific imaging for somewhere within the University. In the 1939 Register William was listed as a photographer at 19 Humberstone Road, living with Aggie Tams b: 19/3/1869. William published many postcard views of Cambridge and surrounding area. More than 100 of his Cambridge photographs are held in the Cambridgeshire Collection. In 1902 William was a member of a committee of local photographers organising the visit of a photographic convention of the UK to Cambridge. (Cambridge Independent Press 11/7/1902). President of the Cambridge Photographic Club in 1916 and very involved in the management of the Club over many years. Became an official photographer of the University of Cambridge, but there are no examples of this side of his work in the Cambridgeshire Collection. See below a postcard format portrait of a young man in straw boater (author's collection). The postcard was postally used on 29th July 1907, postmarked Cambridge and has been signed "Tom R Harrison, 2 Regent Terrace", who may be the subject of the portrait. "Copyright W.Tams, Cambridge" is printed on the reverse.
References: Mike Petty, The Photographers, (a handlist of local photographers), Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Collection, 1992
Reeve, F.A. Victorian and Edwardian Cambridge from Old Photographs, Batsford 1971 Photos – early 1900s plate 3
Mike Petty, An Eye on the Past, Cambridge Weekly News, 2/5/1991, 9/5/1991
Michael Rouse, The Villages of Old Cambridgeshire A portrait in Photographs and Old Picture Postcards, SB Publications 1989, page 31 for a postcard of Turf digging in Burwell.

Portrait by William TamsReverse of William Tams portrait 1907

Name: TASSI, Lino (1833-1869)
Address: Premises of Mrs Green, watch maker, High Street Grantham (1858-59); Walkergate or Watergate Grantham (1859-1868). For part of the week at the Corn Exchange, Melton Mowbray (1861-?). Address unknown at Peterborough for part of the week (?1863-?)
Working Dates: 1858-1866
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: Lino TASSI was born in Italy. We do not currently know where he gained his photographic skills or when and why he came to the UK. Lino was described as a former employee of Italian born Lincolnshire photographer, Luigi Cella, when he announced the opening of his first studio at the premises of Mrs Green, watch maker, High Street Grantham (Grantham Journal, Saturday 4 September 1858 p1). Interestingly this was the location of Luigi Cella's studio a year earlier. Lino offered "Portraits taken on leather, oil cloth &c &c (by the new process) which have the rich and full appearance of oil paintings. Miniatures and brooches beautifully executed. Correct likenesses from one shilling and upwards."

Lino formed a brief partnership with St Priy (Tassi and Priy) which was dissolved in July 1859 with Lino continuing the business on his own account (Grantham Journal, Saturday 9 July 1859 p1). A July 1859 advertisement (Grantham Journal 16 July 1859) showed Lino was diversifying into fancy goods and offering "A correct likeness, frame included, from one shilling upwards. Stereoscopic and other views. Apparatus supplied. Genuine perfumery from the continent. Harmoniums for sale." In the Grantham Journal, Saturday 25 February 1860 p3, Lino announced that he had "just returned from Paris with large and well assorted stock of goods, incl. French time pieces, artificial flowers, perfumery, harmoniums concertinas etc. Photographs taken in all sizes at the lowest prices, not to be surpassed in the trade." In the Grantham Journal, Saturday 23 June 1860 p3 his marketing claimed: "The cheapest photograph establishment in Grantham" and offered members of the Grantham Volunteers two copies for the price of one and "correct portraits of Joseph Garibaldi at 1s 6d each".

Lino didn't just operate from his studio. In the Stamford Mercury Friday 16 March 1860 p1 he added "M.Tassi will attend ladies and gentlemen's country residences if desired." The Grantham Journal, Saturday 13 July 1861 p2 reported that Lino Tassi's "portable likeness taking booth" was in operation at the Grantham Temperance Gala and Horticultural Exhibition.

Then on Saturday 21 December 1861 Lino announced that every Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday he would be at the Corn Exchange Melton Mowbray, Leics "for the purpose of taking likenesses in photography of every description from a miniature to life size". Although no advertisements have yet been found, Lino also, at some point, spent part of the week at a currently unknown location in Peterborough. See carte de visite below of an unknown lady, showing address as Grantham and Peterborough. No doubt new railway links enabled Lino to operate from multiple bases.

In 1865 Lino was given a sharp reminder of his status. His claim to be added to the revised Borough list of voters was not allowed as he was an alien (Grantham Journal, Saturday 7 October 1865 p2). The next year the Grantham Journal, Saturday 21 July 1866 p3, reported that Lino was about to return to Italy due to ill health. He transferred his business to Abraham Short from 10th August 1866. News of Lino's death on 23 Feb 1870 in Ars Trevoux, Ain, France appeared in the Grantham Journal, Saturday 2 April 1870 p4.

References: 1861 England Census, 1861 PO Directory Lincs (Lists Lino as print seller, frame maker and photographic artist, dealer in picture frames, engravings, prints, organs, harmoniums, accordions and flutinas). 1863 Morris' Directory Lincolnshire.
One of Tassi's portraits is in the National Portrait Gallery, subject Lady Mary Catherine Craven (née Yorke) and Caryl Walter Craven, 1860s

1860s carte de visite of an unknown lady, by L Tassi, Grantham and Peterborough

Enhanced backstamp for lino Tassi, Grantham and Peterborough, 1860s

1860s carte de visite of an unknown lady, by L Tassi, Grantham and Peterborough, and enhanced image of Tassi palette and brushes backstamp from the carte.

Carte de visite of an unknown lady and child, 1860s by Lino Tassi of Grantham and Melton Mowbray.

Carte de visite of an unknown lady and child, 1860s by Lino Tassi of Grantham and Melton Mowbray. Note the UK and Italian flags and crown on the design on the reverse of the mount.

Name:  TAYLOR A & G
Address: Multiple addresses countrywide, believed to be the biggest firm of photographers in the UK. Cambridge appears on their list of branches on their mounts.
Working Dates: The firm operated from the mid 1860s - 1890s. Believed to have had a presence in Cambridge around 1889-93
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: The studio claimed to be the largest photographers in the world. The oval carte de visite below of an unknown man was taken at the company's Sheffield Studio. The reverse of the carte lists all the firm's studios, and this includes Cambridge. A wide variety of these lists of studios can be found on the reverse of the firm's cartes. A criminal case in 1889 may provide the answer to the location of the Cambridge Branch. The case involved James Andrews age 26, who obtained 15 shillings by deception from Sarah Wright, a servant. Andrews was sentenced to one month's imprisonment at Cambridge Quarter Sessions in January 1890. Andrews had persuaded Wright that he was an agent for A and G Taylor and collected from her 15 shillings which Wright owed the firm for a photograph she had ordered months earlier. Evidence emerged that Andrews had been in contact with James Herbert Lister, of 13, Abbey-road, Cambridge, who was the Cambridge agent for Messrs. A and G Taylor. Andrews had also spoken to Lister's wife at 13 Abbey Road and had persuaded her to give him a specimen of A and G Taylor's work which he intended to use in canvassing for business. 13 Abbey Road appears to be a terraced house, well away from the town centre, so it may be that in this case a local "branch" was in fact a local agent.
References: Oliver Mathews "The Album of Carte-de-Visite and Cabinet Portrait Photographs 1854-1914" London 1974 lists A & G Taylor as having premises in Cambridge. No trace has been found in local directories of a Cambridge branch.
www.edinphoto.org.uk/pp_n/pp_taylor.htm has information on the firm
R v Andrews, Cambridge Daily News, Thursday 19 December 1889 p3, Cambridge Daily News, Friday 20 December 1889 p3, Cambridge Independent Press, Saturday 4 January 1890 p5.
1996 RPS monograph "The Studios Of A. & G. Taylor, The Largest Photographers In The World", by Colin Osman Hon.F.R.P.S. - lists Cambridge, but no address given.

Portrait by A and G Taylor, photographers to the QueenReverse of A and G Taylor Carte listing their premises

Name:   TAYLOR, Alfred Caleb b: 1861 Newark on Trent   d:1927 Peterborough
Address: 1881 at Walpole Street Peterborough (parents home), 1891 at Fletton Avenue Peterborough, at least from 1901 onwards at Trinity Street, Peterborough, Throughout at The Infirmary Peterborough.
Working Dates:  c.late 1880s to 1920s
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: Alfred Caleb Taylor was the son of an engine driver, John C Taylor b: 1840, Boston Lincs. in 1881 Alfred was living with his parents and siblings at Walpole Street Peterborough, his occupation was shown as a "dispenser". In 1883 Alfred married Emma b: Fletton Hunts 1864 and during their life together they had eight children. Alfred was in fact a dispenser at the Peterborough Infirmary, where he was to work for the rest of his working life. The Peterborough Infirmary opened in 1857 in a house in Priestgate Peterborough, provided for the purpose by Earl Fitzwilliam. The house is is now the Peterborough Museum, but there is still an old surgical operating room there bearing testimony to its earlier use. The infirmary operated there until the Peterborough Memorial Hospital opened in 1928. AC Taylor described his occupation in 1891 as a "medical dispenser". That same year he was slightly injured in a bizarre accident - dressed as Father Christmas for the children at the Infirmary he somehow set alight his cotton wool beard and moustache, burning his face - a story picked up by many newspapers in the UK and overseas. Some time before this he also became involved in the management of the Infirmary which was run by a charity. In 1889 Alfred was described first as the Collector of the Infirmary (Peterborough Advertiser Sat 16 March 1889), then in the same year as Secretary of the Infirmary (Peterborough Advertiser Sat 30 Nov 1889) - a post he was to hold until his retirement in 1926. It is not known exactly when Alfred became interested in photography. The Peterborough Advertiser on Saturday 26 January 1889 recorded that the meeting that week of the Peterborough Photographic Society had been chaired by Alfred, and later that year he presented a paper on "artistic photography" to the Society (Peterborough Advertiser - Saturday 18 May 1889). Already interested in photography and in medicine, Alfred followed the introduction of the medical use of X Rays, which had been discovered in 1895. He became an early and enthusiastic X Ray practitioner, building and using his own equipment at the Infirmary. In April 1898 it was reported that Brother AC Taylor gave a lecture and demonstration of X Rays to The Hope of The City Tent No 1151 of the Independent Order of Rechabites (a temperance based friendly society) (Peterborough Advertiser 9 April 1898) In another 1898 report on St. Marys Bazaar the Peterborough Advertiser reported that " Mr. A. C. Taylor, of the Peterborough Infirmary, gave X Ray lectures with practical illustrations, and around his sanctum were numbers of his photographs, of the highest artistic merit". (Peterborough Advertiser - Saturday 22 October 1898 p7). Photographs by Alfred were used to illustrate a number of books, including "Notes on Old Peterborough", by Andrew Percival (1905 Peterborough) and "The Depot For Prisoners Of War At Norman Cross Huntingdonshire 1796 to 1816" by Thomas James Walker 1913. In 1908 Alfred exhibited two of his photographs at Royal Photographic Society Annual Exhibition "Where clouds do nestle" (pictorial) and "Myositis Ossificianus" (in the section on Scientific and Technical Photography and its Application to Processes of Reproduction - so this was probably an X Ray photograph). But X Ray photography had many dangers and like a number of other early practitioners Alfred suffered greatly from injuries to his hands through over-exposure to radiation. When he retired in 1926 the Northampton Mercury reported: "X-RAY MARTYR. PRESENTATION TO PETERBOROUGH INFIRMARY SECRETARY. Mr. A. C. Taylor, secretary of Peterborough Infirmary since 1880, was an Wednesday presented with a cheque for £7OO and a silver tray, publicly subscribed, as a testimonial to his X-ray work, to which he has been a martyr, having lost several fingers on both hands as a result of his research work. In replying to the presentation, Mr. Taylor said if he had sacrificed six of his fingers he had been more than compensated, for he loved the work and its excitement. “If I could live life over again" he concluded, "I would do the same.” (Northampton Mercury 3 Sept1926. Alfred died in 1927. In 2015 a new accommodation block for medical staff at Peterborough was named "Alfred Caleb Taylor House, in his memory.
References: Peterborough Book of Days by Brian Jones records July 26th 1927 as the day that Alfred Caleb Taylor died. In recounting his achievements he states "Taylor put together his own X Ray machine made his own batteries that gave him between twenty and thirty hours of power and, later, a six cell accumulator that needed two people to lift it. He took X Rays of injured feet hands and arms, and helped the infirmary surgeons work out how best to treat the many injured people they saw. His driving motivation was not investigating science for its own sake but helping others recover from serious injuries"

Address: Peterborough, Stamford and Thrapston
Working dates: c.1890-1920
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: The individuals behind this business were booksellers David James TAYLOR (1849-1932) and Thomas DOWNS. Later sons of D J Taylor joined the business: Arthur Cameron TAYLOR (1873-1954), David Cameron TAYLOR (1876-1940) and Charles Stanley TAYLOR (1874-1952). The firm's activities included bookselling, sale of stationery, newspapers and magazines, printing, post card and Christmas card publishing and sale of fancy goods. From the number of their small ads for employment in local newspapers, they may also, from around the 1880s-1907 operated a small registry office (employment agency). The firm operated in Peterborough, Stamford and later in Thrapston. Addresses included 15 New Road Peterborough (1890) 26-28 Westgate Peterborough (1891), 28 High Street Stamford (1897), 53 High Street Stamford (1908). In 1899 they won a printing contract with Stamford Town Council. Between 1894 and 1914 David James Taylor was a lay preacher at the Congregational Church at Nassington. At the present time nothing is known about Thomas Downs. The firm went out of business in 1920 and was taken over by an employee, Fred BLADES (Peterborough Standard, 11 December 1920 p11 for an advert in the name of Blades, formerly Taylor and Downs). The following newspaper items suggest that their postcard activities were more extensive than a local shop simply stocking a few local views:

  • Stamford Mercury, 26 February 1904 p8. Twenty penny picture postcards for 1s post free. All different; coloured and black and white. Views, comic, actors, animals, children. Taylor and Downs postcard dealers Peterborough and Stamford.
  • Stamford Mercury, 24 June 1904 p4. Messrs Taylor and Downs 28 High Street Stamford are issuing a new series of 1d coloured view postcards of Stamford. They are exceedingly well produced.
  • Stamford Mercury, 27 July 1906 p4. Coloured postcards consisting of views of a number of villages in the immediate vicinity of Stamford. They are executed in natural colours and form charming mementoes of the places they represent.
  • Stamford Mercury, 21 May 1920 p8. 50 view postcards coloured all different post free 1s Taylor and Downs Thrapston.

It is not currently known whose images the firm used for their postcards. An example of one of their coloured RPPC views is below. This depicts Crowland Abbey and was postally used in March 1905. Although this is a very well photographed subject, much searching has failed to reveal a similar image on another postcard (angle, viewpoint, unusual diverging verticals suggesting a camera with a rising and falling lens, size of vegetation and the time, 13.12, on the clock face). This suggests that Taylor and Downs were not simply using stock images from postcard printers, but were using their own photographs, although these could have been prodiced in house or externally.

References: RPPC publisher included in a "Directory of Cambridgeshire Postcard Publishers/photographers noted before 1914" by Michael Rouse in "Cambridge in Early Postcards", Oleander Press 1978.

Postcard view of Crowland Abbey by Taylor and Downs

Name: TAYLOR, Mrs Elizabeth Annie (see also Joseph Taylor below)
Address: The Post Office, Carter Street, Fordham
Working dates: 1891-1921, possibly beyond.
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: Stationer, post-mistress and RPPC publisher included in a "Directory of Cambridgeshire Postcard Publishers/photographers noted before 1914" by Michael Rouse in "Cambridge in Early Postcards", Oleander Press 1978. Not currently known whose images used. 1891 Census, her husband Joseph Taylor (see below) b.1838 Chippenham, was a grocer, stationer and postmaster in Fordham, and his wife, Elizabeth Ann(ie) b. 1847 Gaywood, Norfolk, was a stationer. By 1911 Elizabeth, then a widow, had taken over the business, assisted by her nephew, Charles Alwynne Woods. In the 1921 census Elizabeth continued as the Sub Postmistress at the Fordham General Stores.
References: Kelly's 1916 Directory, 1891 census, 1901 census, 1911 census.

Name:   TAYLOR, James Heber MA b: 1840 Bristol      d:1914
Address: Little Trinity, Jesus Lane, Cambridge
Working Dates:  1898 - 1911
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: James was a University man, with degrees from Oxford, Cambridge and London. He was a scholar at Trinity College, winning Sir William Browne's medal for composition of a Greek ode in 1866. Around 1869 he was the Headmaster of Brewood School, Staffordshire, moving back to Cambridge in 1874, where he was to spend the rest of his life. In 1879 he was listed as one of the examiners for the Easter Term BA examinations and was appointed Deputy Proctor of the University in the absence of the Junior Proctor. In the 1891 census James lived at Little Trinity 16 Jesus Lane Cambridge and was a private tutor and examiner. He lived with his wife Mary Elizabeth Taylor b: 1848 Manchester, daughter Mary b: 1872 Salford, brother William W Taylor b: 1849 Wakefield and two servants. In 1901 he was at the same address, an examiner of schools, living with his wife and a servant . Between 1898 and 1911 James submitted 13 of his photographs to Stationers' Hall for copyright purposes. This level of output suggests at least a semi-professional photographer at work, and the last registration was for a postcard. The subjects of these photographs were:

  • Interior of Kings College Chapel Cambridge (from the east end), Form completed: 4 October 1898. TNA COPY 1/438/84
  • Great Court of Trinity College, Cambridge, from the S W corner. Form completed: 23 February 1900. TNA COPY 1/459/715
  • Ely Cathedral from the park. Form completed: 5 October 1900. TNA COPY 1/448/76
  • Ely Cathedral from the park. Form completed: 26 February 1902. TNA COPY 1/454/370
  • Archdeacon Emery taken in his study at the College, Ely'. Form completed: 16 September 1903. TNA COPY 1/465/461
  • Entrance to the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, Form completed: 22 September 1903. TNA COPY 1/465/566
  • Interior Waltham Abbey. Form completed: 29 October 1903. TNA COPY 1/466/465
  • University (Goldie Memorial), Boathouse, Cambridge, Form completed: 27 August 1904. TNA COPY 1/476/425
  • Ely Cathedral (interior) from the foot of the Reredos, Form completed: 17 October 1904. TNA COPY 1/478/222
  • Photograph of a Peregrine Falcon. Form completed: 7 July 1906. TNA COPY 1/499/93
  • Interior of Ely Cathedral from the base of the Reredos. Form completed 24 October 1908. TNA COPY 1/526/195
  • Picture of Lady Elizabeth Hastings. Form completed 11 August 1909. TNA COPY 1/536/85
  • Banbury Cross and writing under with monogram. Form completed: 1 January 1911. Item format: postcard(s). TNA COPY 1/553/43

According to his obituary, "Ever since his boyhood Mr. Taylor had been a keen photographer, and during his later years he has devoted a great deal of time to the pursuit of this fascinating hobby. For some years past he has been attempting to make a complete photographic survey of Trinity College in the course of which he obtained many splendid pictures. He was never satisfied unless his work was as near to perfection as possible, and he spared no pains to secure this result. He took a keen interest in the Cambridge Photographic Club, and to the last was a constant attendant at its meetings, being always ready to help fellow members in any way he could".

References: 1891, 1901, 1911 Census. Cambridge Independent Press 22 November 1879. Obituary Cambridge Independent Press 10 April; 1914.

Name:   TAYLOR, Jon b:       d:
Address: 21 Mill Road, Cambridge (Cambridge 55600)
Working Dates:  c.1969
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information:
References: The Phone book Cambridge 1969

Name:   TAYLOR, Joseph b: 1838 Chippenham Cambs. d:1909 (see also Elizabeth Annie Taylor above)
Address: Post Office, Carter Street, Fordham
Working Dates: c.1907
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: Joseph Taylor initially took up carpentry, the same occupation as his father. By 1881 he had become a stationer and postmaster at Carter St Fordham, Cambridgeshire. By 1891 he was a stationer, grocer and post master and by 1901 he had diversified further adding "draper" to his earlier three activities. Seen for sale on an auction site in Dec 2022, a real photo postcard depicting the Fire Station and Post Office Terrace, Fordham. Below the image on the face of the postcard is printed "J Taylor, Post Office Fordham". This card was postally used with a July 1907 postmark. Another undated RPPC offered for sale, depicting the interior of Fordham Church, has printed in red on the reverse "Taylor's Series Fordham". We do not know whether Joseph had by 1907 also added "Photographer" to his occupations, or whether he was simply the publisher of these and perhaps other local topographical postcards.
References: England Census 1861. 1871. 1881, 1891, 1901. According to the 1911 Census, Joseph's widow, Elizabeth Annie Taylor (see above), b.1846 Gaywood Norfolk, had taken over his business as grocer and sub postmistress at Fordham.

Name:   TAYLOR, Paul b:       d:
Address: 34 Lambs Lane, Cottenham
Working Dates:  c.1990
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information:
References: Cambridge Yellow Pages 1990

Name:   TEMPEST-HOLT, Rosanne, HOLT Rosanne, Portrait Photographer. b:       d:
Address: 44 Natal Road, Cambridge
Working Dates: commenced trading in 1987, from a well equipped studio at her home in Natal Road. A number of online directories show the firm still in existence in 2016
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: portraits. In 1990 Rosanne endorsed advertising by Colour Quick, Regent Street Cambridge, who presumably undertook processing work for her.
References: Cambridge Yellow Pages 2000. Cambridge Evening News 20 June 1987, Cambridge Daily News 16 March 1990 p32.

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www.FadingImages.uk is a non-commercial web site for local and family historians, listing photographers in Cambridgeshire 1840-2000
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