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 Sepia photograph of unknown group at Emmanual College Cambridge



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Ownership and Attribution of Images and Use of Images from this site

Low resolution images are used throughout this site.

We are most grateful to a number of collectors and others for permission to use their images on this site, which would be very much the poorer without their help.


Images from Author's Collection

Those images marked "Author's Collection" may be used subject to a creative commons license. Creative Commons Licence - attribution text: This work by www.fadingimages.uk is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Portrait of an unknown young woman, photographer unknown, occasion unknown, location unknown (author's collection)

Simon Shirley Collection

For enquiries about permission to use images from the Simon Shirley Collection, please e-mail webmaster@fadingimages.co.uk

The Simpson Family Archive

This comprises a collection of photographs and documents that belonged to the family of Archibald Henry Simpson (1843-1918), who was a Supreme Court Judge in Sydney, NSW in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Mr Justice Simpson’s wife, Marion, was brought up in St Ives, Huntingdonshire; her father being Rev Charles Dashwood Goldie the rector at All Saints Church in St Ives. The Simpson Family Archive includes over 200 cartes de visite and cabinet cards, some of which were produced by Cambridgeshire photographers.

The Michael Brown Collection.

Michael Brown is a collector of Huntingdonshire images on postcards, cartes de visite, cabinet photographs and other media. He is a member of the group of stalwarts who run the Porch Museum at Godmanchester, he researched the excellent displays there on Alfred Hendrey, Godmanchester photographer, and advises the museum, and those enquiring of the museum, on local photographers. Michael can be contacted via the Porch Museum here: www.godmanchester.co.uk/contact-us.

The Malcolm Fletcher Collection

Malcolm Fletcher is a long term collector of the work of photographers in the Huntingdonshire area, again with a special interest in the work of Alfred Hendrey, and in local postcards. Malcolm and his wife Debbie run Phoenix Books and Collectables, whose advertisement appears on our For Sale page..


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