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Old Photographs - Cambridgeshire Photographers - Ja - Je

Photographers are listed alphabetically by surname on the following pages.

0 - 9 | Aa-Ak | Al-Ao | Ap-As | At-Az | Ba-Bak | Bal-Bam | Ban-Bd | Be-Bh | Bi-Bk | Bl-Bn | Bo-Bp | Br-Bt | Bu-Bz | Ca-Ck | Cl-Cn | Coa-Cor | Cos-Cz | Da-Dh | Di-Dq | Dr-Dz | Ea-Ec | Ed-Ez | Fa-Fh | Fi-Fz | Ga-Gd | Ge-Gq | Gr-Gz | Ha-Hd | He-Hh | Hi-Hn | Ho-Hz | Ia-Iz | Ja-Je | Jf-Jz | Ka-Kz | La-Ld | Le-Ln | Lo-Lz | Maa-Mad | Mae-Mar | Mas-Mb | Mc-Mi | Mj-Mz | Na-Nh | Ni-Nn | No-Nz | Oa-Oz | Pa-Pb | Pc-Ph | Pi-Po | Pr-Pz | Qa-Qz | Ra-Rd | Re-Rh | Ri-Rz | Sa-Sb | Sc-Sf | Sg-Sk | Sla-Slz | Sma-Ss | Sta-Std | Ste-Sth | Sti-Sy | Ta-Te | Tf-Ti | Tj-Tz | Ua-Uz | Va-Vz | Wa-We | Wf-Wh | Wi-Wz | XYZ

Name:  JACKSON, William  b: 1837 d:1893
Address: New Street, St Neots
Working Dates: c. 1863
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: William appears to have practiced briefly in St Neots, offering stereo views of the town decorated for the Royal wedding of 10th March 1863. His main career was as an architectural draughtsman, surveyor and sanitary engineer. An example carte de visite below shows a young boy with riding crop standing beside a rather worn looking chair. Behind the boy can be seen the base of a head clamp. The mount is cream card, square corners, no text on the face, the reverse bearing a garter design and the text "William Jackson Photographer St Neots" 1860s. (author's collection)
References: David Bushby, St Neots Photographers

Portrait of boy by William JacksonReverse of W Jackson carte de visite

Name: JACKSON, William b:1840 Duxford
Address: High Street Duxford
Working dates: 1901-
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: 1891 ironmonger and china merchant. 1901 and 1911 ironmonger, hardware merchant and RPPC publisher included in a "Directory of Cambridgeshire Postcard Publishers/photographers noted before 1914" by Michael Rouse in "Cambridge in Early Postcards", Oleander Press 1978. Not currently known whose images used. Retired by 1911. Assisted in the business by his son Edwin b:1877 Duxford
References: not listed in Kelly's 1916 Directory. 1891, 1901 and 1911 Census

Name:  JAMBLIN, John Junior   b: 1837 St Pancras London  d: 1917
Address: New Road, Peterborough, and Fletton, Huntingdonshire (both addresses shown in 1861). Oundle 1862, later in Oxford, then North Wales with annual visits to Oundle.
Working Dates: c.1861-63 locally
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: John was the son of a cabinet maker. In the 1861 Census John, his wife Martha née Green (1838-1916) and their two young sons were living in New Road Peterborough and John's occupation was recorded as a photographic artist. There is a report of bankruptcy proceedings in Peterborough County Court on 17th December 1861 against J.Jamblin Jnr, Photographic Artist of Fletton, Huntingdonshire. The Peterborough Advertiser, Saturday 10 May 1862 p2 carried an advertisement: " John JAMBLIN, photographic artist, begs most respectfully to return his sincere thanks to the Nobility, Clergy, Gentry, and Inhabitants of Oundle and district, for the very liberal patronage he has received during his stay in Oundle, and at the same time begs to announce that his Portrait Rooms are now removed to Mr Bunning's Paddock, at the top of New Street, adjoining the National Schools, where he is prepared to execute his first-class Photographs, either on glass or paper, in the highest style of the Art." Members of the Oundle Historical Society have identified Mr Bunning as John Bunning, licensee at the Red Lion ‘commercial inn & posting house’ and his paddock refers to the Red Lion Paddock off New Street, Ouncle. The Peterborough Advertiser, Saturday 4 October 1862 p1, carried another advertisement " John Jamblin's carte de visite studio is now open for a short period in the Fair Meadow (Peterborough?). Single copy 2s 6d, six for 6s, 10s per dozen. Gentlemen's residences photographed on paper 12 by 10, one guinea each, extra copies of the same 6s each" In 1864 JAMBLIN’S Photographic Studio, 17, Park-end Street, Oxford was offering "Guaranteed Carte de visite. 7s 6d per dozen, second dozen 6s or 2 first copies for 3s. Tasteful Pose and Pleasing Portrait guaranteed to all Sitters". Then John and family moved to North Wales. In 1868 his earlier bankruptcy was annulled. In 1871 John and his wife were living at Oxford House Dwygyfylchi Conway, Caernarvonshire, Wales. John was a photographic artist. Lodging with them was a 17 year old photographer, Michael Summer from Lancashire. In 1881 John, his wife Martha and daughter Edith were living at Oxford House, Dwygyfylchi, Conway, Caernarvonshire, Wales and John was an artist and photographer. In 1901 they were at Beech Grove, 2, Gilfach Road, Dwygyfylchi, Conway, Caernarvonshire, Wales and John was a photographer and journalist. In 1911 John and Martha were at Manchester House Penmaenmawr, Dwygyfylchi, Caernarvonshire, Wales and John was a photographic artist. But after his move to Wales it would appear that John returned each summer to operate for a season at Oundle. An advertisement in the Peterborough Advertiser 20 May 1876 refers to his forthcoming 16th annual visit to a studio in Mr Bunning's paddock. The timing of this advertisements suggests he attended the Oundle Whitsuntide Fair. This fair, for horses, sheep and some cattle, but by the mid C19 also becoming a local festival of ammusement and entertainment for all comers, was no bigger than many similar events at towns much closer to North Wales. This suggests that either personal or commercial considerations continued to draw John back loyally to Oundle for so many years. Seen for sale, Ebay, March 2023, carte de visite of an unknown village church - on the face of the square cornered mount "Jamblin photo Oxford and Penmaenmawr". Reverse of mount, printed in maroon ink, has a garter design surmounted by Prince of Wales feathers and text "John Jamblin photographic artist 17 Park End St Oxford. Penmaenmawr Nr Conway Nth Wales". This suggests that an Oxford business was retained after John moved to North Wales, but no local trade directory entries have been found in Oxford. Could he have included a continued Oxford connection as a "trade puff" in his advertising ?
References: Cambridge Independent Press 14th December 1861, Cambridge Independent Press 25th January 1862. The London Gazette Publication date: 6 December 1861 Issue: 22574 Page: 5306. The London Gazette, Publication date: 31 December 1861 Issue: 22585 Page: 5668. The London Gazette Publication date: 31 January 1862 Issue: 22594 Page:584. Oxford Times - Saturday 30 April 1864 p.4. Grateful thanks to Philip Kitchin and Robin Rowe from Oundle Historical Society.

Name:  JAMES, Winifred E.          b:  1915     d:
Address: 157 Belsize Avenue, Old Fletton, Peterborough
Working Dates: 1939
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: Winifred is listed in the 1939 Register as a photographer's assistant. She was living at the above address with her parents (John R James b: 1872 and Susannah James b: 1874) and brother (James Arthur James b: 1911).
References: 1939 Register.

Address: Godmanchester
Working dates: c.1914
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: RPPC publisher included in a "Directory of Cambridgeshire Postcard Publishers/photographers noted before 1914" by Michael Rouse in "Cambridge in Early Postcards", Oleander Press 1978. Not currently known whose images used.

Name:  JARMAN, Harry Isaac b:1875 Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk  d:1961 Bury St Edmunds
Address: High Street, Newmarket
Working Dates: 1912-33
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: Harry was born in Bury St Edmunds. In 1891 he was living with his mother at 12 Southgate Street Bury St Edmunds and was described as a photographer. In 1901 Harry was living as a boarder at 3a Palk Street Torquay, again working as a photographer. In 1911 Harry was living at 16 Abbey Gate, Bury St Edmunds. He was a photographer, and an employer. Living with him were: wife Annie (b:1872 Bury St Edmunds), children (all born Bury St Edmunds: Dorothy (b:1899), Mona (b:1900), Vera (b:1908), Oswald (b:1910) and Joan (b:1911), also an aunt, Mary Ann Goldsmith (b:1834 Wyverstone Suffolk) a retired tobacconist and Rosa Goldsmith, sister (b: 1863 Bury St Edmunds), an assistant in the business. The family also had two domestic servants. Harry was listed as a photographer at this address in the Kelly's Directories of Suffolk 1904 -1916. In 1921 Harry was recorded in the Census at the same Bury St Edmunds address and he was a photographer and an employer working from home. Living with him was his wife, five children, a sister in law and a servant. Harry's sister in law and one of his daughters were both book keepers in Harry's business. Harry expanded his business to High Street Newmarket about 1912, appearing in the Cambridgeshire trade directories from 1912 to 1933. Robert Pols reports "Jarman (as recorded by Jarman) was apprenticed to John Palmer Clarke in 1890. He bought the business and negatives of William Silas Spanton in 1901. When Clarke moved to Cambridge in 1903, Jarman bought that firm's stock of negatives, too. The Spanton-Jarman Collection at the Bury Branch of the Suffolk Record Office is the result of Harry Jarman's preservation of the area's photographic record." https://www.earlyphotostudios.uk/suffolk7.asp The photograph below is an 8in x 6in portrait of an unknown man, possibly from the 1930s, on a two tone brown fold over mount. Beneath the image on the mount is printed H I Jarman Bury St Edmunds and Newmarket" showing that Harry operated both studios at the same time. Beside this is the detail of a printed mark on the front cover of the mount.
References: Mike Petty, The Photographers, (a handlist of local photographers), Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Collection, 1992
Kelly's Directory of Cambridgeshire 1912-33

Portrait by HI Jarman Detail from HI Jarman mount

Name:   JEDREJ, Tony b: 1948  d: 2014
Address: Not currently known
Working Dates: Early 1970s-2000?
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: Cambridge Daily News photographer. In 1978 was the British Press Association's Provincial Photographer of the Year. Published a book of cat portraits "Cambridge Cats" in 1995
References: Cambridge News 19 April 2014, report of death.

JEFFERSON and STOREY See JEFFERSON, Joseph Pinder, below

Name: JEFFERSON Joseph Pinder b:1874 Peterborough d:1935
Address: Bridge End Peterborough, 33 Broad Street, Whittlesey
Working dates: c.1908 - 1909 (at least)
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: Joseph was the son of Thomas Jefferson (1844-1931), a tailor and clothes dealer. In 1874 Thomas was a tailor and general dealer with a shop in Cowgate Peterborough, but business was a struggle and the Peterborough Advertiser 12 December 1874 reported on Thomas's bankrupcy. The 1881 Census records Thomas, wife Ann and two children, Amelia and Joseph (both born in Peterborough), still in Cowgate and Thomas was a clothes dealer. By 1890 Thomas and his family had moved South of the river to Bridge End Peterborough (actually in Fletton, near the start of Oundle Road). The Stamford Mercury, 23 May 1890, reported on a case at Peterborough Petty Sessions of two Grimsby fishermen, George Butcher and Arthur Ayres, who, breaking a railway journey at Peterborough, got drunk and stole a black cloth coat, value 20s, from the shop of Thomas Jefferson, Bridge End, Peterborough. The family were at Bridge End in 1891 and the census records Thomas as a tailor and Joseph was a grocer's apprentice. In the 1901 census Joseph, occupation "confectioner", was a lodger at Infirmary Road, Nether Hallam, Yorkshire. At some point between 1901 and 1908 Joseph took up photography and learned the skills of a professional photographer. In 1908 he had taken a partner and they advertised their photographic business in the local press:

"You are earnestly requested not to forget that Jefferson and Storey of Bridge End Peterborough (opposite Fair Meadow) are the photographers who can guarantee satisfaction with regard to outdoor photography. Prices reasonable. Family groups a speciality. All kinds of work executed promptly. Make your wishes known to us by a postcard. Distance no object. Cheapest house in town for enlargements". (e.g. Peterborough Standard, Sat 9 May 1908 p1, and 27 June 1908 p1).

To date nothing further has been discovered of Joseph's partner, Storey. The partnership was probably short-lived. Joseph's sister, Amelia, was also operating from the same address in 1908 and was advertising second hand clothing. Dual use of the premises and the "outdoor photography" specialism suggest that Joseph had only limited studio facilities. By the following summer there was no mention of Storey in Joseph's advertising. In July 1909 Joseph married Annie Kate Medcalf in St.Ives, Hunts. That summer he was promoting "Jefferson's Photo Club". (For example in the Peterborough Standard, 14 August 1909 p4 he advertised "Join Jefferson's Photo Club A genuine offer from a genuine firm" The advert does not include prices, but he was offering "Three cabinets and a 15s enlargement, six cabinets presented with a £1.1.0. enlargement, or six cabinets and one dozen postcards with a £1.10.0. enlargement.)

The 1911 census records Joseph and his wife at 33 Broad Street Whittlesey. Joseph was then a newsagent and his wife Annie was a draper, both working from their home on their own accounts. Joseph is listed as a newsagent and RPPC publisher included in the "Directory of Cambridgeshire Postcard Publishers/photographers noted before 1914" by Michael Rouse in "Cambridge in Early Postcards", Oleander Press 1978. It seems likely that Joseph would have used his own images for RPPC topographic subjects sold in his shop. The Cambridgeshire Constabulary Police Museum has a mounted posed group photograph of 30 Peterborough City Police Officers dated 1908, which has printed on the mount "J.P.Jefferson Bridge End Peterborough". By 1921 Joseph had changed occupation again and the census of that year shows him as a commercial traveller in paper, employed by Cheverton & Laidler of Dunstable, paper merchants. In 1921 Joseph was living with his wife at High Street, Somersham.
References: Kelly's 1916 Directory, UK Census 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911 and 1921.

Name:   JEFFERSON, Ray  b:       d:
Address: 53 The Close, Ely Tel 0353 5999
Working Dates: c. 1983 – at least 2000 – a number of online directories suggest the business continues in 2016
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: weddings, social events, portraits.
References: Fenland Citizen 7 September 1983 p17 (Thanks to Garry Monger for this reference). Cambridge Yellow Pages  1990, 1995, 1997, 1998, 2000

Name:  JENKINS, A. R.          b:       d:
Address: 95 Queens Walk, Peterborough
Working Dates: 1958-
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information:
References: Kelly's Directory of Peterborough 1958
Kelly's Peterborough Standard Directory 1961

Name:  JENKINS, Albert C.   b: 1867      d:
Address: Elm Cottage, Mill Road, St Neots
Working Dates: pre 1939
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: Albert is listed in the 1939 Register at the above address and his occupation is shown as photographer and fine art dealer retired.
References: 1939 Register.

Name:  JENNINGS, Albert Edward.         b:1854 Strood Kent       d:1917
Address: St Neots, "The Eynesbury Studio"
Working Dates: c. 1890-1905?
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: Jennings was the headmaster of Eynesbury Church of England School from 1876 until his retirement in 1917. Photography was a secondary interest. He also published two series of local postcards. 

The first item below is of an unknown family group photographed outside a house. The Mount has the photographer's name in manuscript - shown in detail below, which looks more like "AE Jenny St Neots" than "AE Jennings St Neots"- reproduced with permission from Huntingdonshire Archives. David Gobbitt hypothesises that this image might possibly be of Jennings himself posing with his family. If that is the case then, from the ages of his family members and the appearance of the sitters, the photograph must be from the mid 1890s. Albert's wife Harriet(t) Charlotte (1852-1926) would have been 42 years old in 1894. Their five children's ages in 1894 (prior to the youngest boy's breeching) would also correspond relatively well, ranging from around 4 -14. Their births were all registered in St Neots:

  • b:1879 Q4 Margaret Mary Jennings (d. unmarried 1962?)
  • b:1882 Q3 Manley Martin Jennings (m. 1922 Marjorie Winnifred Ballard; d. 1964)
  • b:1884 Q1 Eleanor Gordon Jennings (m. 1921 William Emblem; d. 1960)
  • b:1886 Q1 Archibald Harvey Jennings (m. 1914 Theodosia Allen; d. 1954)
  • b:1889 Q3 Arthur Maitland Jennings (m. 1915 Sarah Ann Webb; d. 1950)

But, the similarity of the composition of the family in this photograph to that of Jennings may simply be a co-incidence as both the lady's dress, with large puffed sleeves, and her raised and full hairstyle possibly point to a later date of around 1900-05. The coincidence warrants further research and we will try to date this image more precisely and try to find another photograph of Albert Jennings to compare.

The next two images are produced with permission from David Gobbitt. These were found as a pair of portraits in a Suffolk antiques shop. Severe cropping and has left one of them with no details of the photographer, not to mention the sitters, so both photos have been kept together. The endorsements on the back of the larger cabinet print indicate a date of July 1899. The lower notes, written diagonally above the date stamp, are unclear, possibly from a studio where a copy was being ordered, with a date stamp of 1911. The other inscriptions identify the subjects as Mrs Arthur Chapman née Elizabeth Cato Daniel (1861-1918) and two of her daughters: Dorothy Violet Chapman (1882-1934) who died unmarried; and Georgina Vera Chapman (b: 24 Oct. 1896; d: 1971). In 1901 the Chapmans were living at Blunham Mill, Bedfordshire, where Arthur was a corn merchant and miller. By 1911 he was a brewery manager in St Neots, where he died in 1941.

Below this on the left is a cabinet photograph of unknown parents and child, from the Michael Brown Collection, showing more clearly the text beneath the image "Albert E Jennings, The Eynesbury Studio, St Neots" with an AEJ monogram. The reverse of the mount is blank. To its right is another cabinet photograph of a bearded gentleman in bow tie. The mount here has the same text of the face as that to its left, but is in gilt lettering on a very dark green glossy mount with gilt edging. The reverse is blank.

References: Huntingdonshire Archives Accession No 5740 - no trace has been found of this photographer in local trade directories. In the Norris Museum Collection PH/ABBTY/01 and 02 are postcards of Abbotsly with “AEJ” written on the negative, lower RH corner on face of the cards. PH/BUCKD/48 is a postcard of Buckden Towers with “AEJ Series No 4” handwritten on lower front RH corner. PH/EYNES/18 is a group photo of St Neots Urban District Council employees in their depot, 155 x 210mm, mounted on card, c.1900, dry stamped on reverse "A.E.Jennings” – see also Tebbutt’s History of St Neots.

Unknown family group by AE Jenny

Details from mount of above photograph

Cabinet photograph by Jennings of Mrs Chapman and daughters

Reverse of above cabinet photograph

Jennings portrait, no details of the mount, but obviously taken at the same studio / session as the image above.

ccAlbert Jennings cabinet portrait of bearded gentleman

Name:  J.E.T. PHOTOGRAPHIC  (John THOMPSON)  b:       d:
Address: In 1980 The Old Vicarage, Bourn; in 1985 at Unit 9, Dry Drayton Industries, Dry Drayton. By  1990, was at Unit 30, Dry Drayton Industries, and also from  1995 was at 1A Botolph Lane, Cambridge.
Working Dates: c.1980 and still in business in 2016
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: Freelance /architectural / commercial / weddings /  University groups and sports.
References: Peterborough Yellow Pages 1980, Cambridge Yellow Pages 1980, 1983, 1984, 85, 1990, 1995, 1997, 1998, 2000, https://jetphotographic.com/index.php

Name: JEWITT, Len      b:     
Working Dates: 1960s
Subjects, styles, advertising, other relevant information: Len was a photographer employed by Stearns in Cambridge in the 1960s
References: Referred to in Frank Bird's autobiography

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Photographers are listed alphabetically by surname on the following pages.

0 - 9 | Aa-Ak | Al-Ao | Ap-As | At-Az | Ba-Bak | Bal-Bam | Ban-Bd | Be-Bh | Bi-Bk | Bl-Bn | Bo-Bp | Br-Bt | Bu-Bz | Ca-Ck | Cl-Cn | Coa-Cor | Cos-Cz | Da-Dh | Di-Dq | Dr-Dz | Ea-Ec | Ed-Ez | Fa-Fh | Fi-Fz | Ga-Gd | Ge-Gq | Gr-Gz | Ha-Hd | He-Hh | Hi-Hn | Ho-Hz | Ia-Iz | Ja-Je | Jf-Jz | Ka-Kz | La-Ld | Le-Ln | Lo-Lz | Maa-Mad | Mae-Mar | Mas-Mb | Mc-Mi | Mj-Mz | Na-Nh | Ni-Nn | No-Nz | Oa-Oz | Pa-Pb | Pc-Ph | Pi-Po | Pr-Pz | Qa-Qz | Ra-Rd | Re-Rh | Ri-Rz | Sa-Sb | Sc-Sf | Sg-Sk | Sla-Slz | Sma-Ss | Sta-Std | Ste-Sth | Sti-Sy | Ta-Te | Tf-Ti | Tj-Tz | Ua-Uz | Va-Vz | Wa-We | Wf-Wh | Wi-Wz | XYZ


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